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Patient Safety

Patient Safety Organization

Our Patient Safety Organization (PSO #79) is available as a resource for hospitals, doctors and other health care providers to improve patient safety and health care quality. Our goal is to help health care providers reduce or eliminate risks and hazards associated with the delivery of patient care. Reporting is done on a voluntary basis, and all information remains confidential.

The PSO aggregates your safety events to determine trends and patterns in order to understand the underlying causes. This routine aggregation allows for more reliable information on how best to improve patient safety and quality.
The PSO utilizes the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ) common formats. PSOs are required to collect and analyze data in a standardized manner. AHRQ created the Common Formats (common definitions and reporting Formats) to help providers uniformly report patient safety events and to improve health care providers' efforts to eliminate harm.

You can contract with our PSO to analyze individual events not covered by the AHRQ common formats.

The information gathered by a PSO remains confidential.

Our web-based event data collection tool, The Safety Net (TSN) can interface with the PSO.

PSO #79 is listed by the AHRQ.

The Safety Net

The Safety Net (TSN) is a web-based secure HIPAA compliant event reporting system. Data such as incidents, near misses and unsafe conditions is transformed into reports that the safety committee, risk managers and other appropriate individuals can review.

With TSN, hospitals can move away from paper "incident report forms" to an automated approach in monitoring and evaluating.

TSN data can be placed in ARCHI’s Patient Safety Organization (PSO #79). PSOs serve as independent, external experts who can collect, analyze and aggregate patient safety information to provide safety information to develop insights into the underlying causes of patient safety events and to improve health care providers' efforts to eliminate harm. Information gathered by a PSO system remains confidential.

For more information, please contact Ellen Martin 979-436-0400 or ­­­­.