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Return to Board Eligibility Pathway - Pediatrics



KSTAR Return to Board Eligibility Pathway – Pediatrics


The Texas A&M KSTAR Program is a national assessment center for evaluating and training post-licensure physicians.  KSTAR has developed significant experience, resources, and educational activities, which can be used to satisfy the American Board of Pediatrics (ABP) Return to Board Eligibility requirements.



Baseline Clinical Performance Assessment

KSTAR performs a comprehensive evaluation at the Texas A&M University Health Science Center in Bryan, Texas that includes: standardized patient encounters, redacted peer review chart presentations, standardized pediatric testing, ethics and professionalism test, pharmacotherapeutics test, and cognitive screening.  The information derived from testing is used to build an education plan.



Education Plan

Includes 90 hours of CME, KSTAR Pharmacotherapeutics Module and post-test, Ethics and Professionalism reading and post-test, Test-taking strategies, Doctor-Patient Communications, Review of standardized patient videos, and Cybersecurity.


Supervised Practice

Six months of supervision in a cooperative model between a board-certified Pediatrician identified by the participant, and approved by KSTAR and the ABP that allows physicians to remain in practice while completing the program. The program requires 336 hours of supervised clinical practice and weekly chart review sessions. The supervisor will report to KSTAR either verbally or in writing monthly and 360 evaluations from coworkers will be collected near the beginning and end of the program.



Follow-Up /Graduation

Participants will present a portfolio of accomplishments at the end of the program. When all goals are achieved, a final report is generated by KSTAR to certify the successful completion of the program and recommend the ABP return the participant to a Board Eligible Status.  



The cost is $13,700. This does not include the cost of the Board examination or any fees charged by the supervising physician. 



Completion of this program does not guarantee the participant will become Board Certified.


For more information please contact KSTAR 979.436.0407  or


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