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Interdisciplinary Ambulatory Case Review

Our clinic based Interdisciplinary Ambulatory Case Review (IAR) focuses on case-based learning to promote improvements in quality of care. The interdisciplinary approach recognizes the medical care provided by Physicians, Advanced Practice Nurses and Physician Assistants in the rural clinic setting and allows each practitioner to participate in our case-based reviews. Participation in the meetings allows clinicians to review clinic cases from similar rural settings and provides an opportunity to improve their skills and knowledge through these discussions. Clinicians participate through e-technology and teleconferencing. This participation facilitates an “internal” review as the clinicians from participating clinics contribute to the review process. The anonymous nature of our reviews promotes impartial reviews and reduces or eliminates potential conflicts of interest.

This review process assists rural clinics in the evaluation of standard practices as well as regulatory quality measures. Outcomes from the review process can be benchmarked by clinician and clinic.

Physicians can earn continuing medical education (CME) credits for each committee meeting and ethics CMEs for each ethical discussion. 

Our Interdisciplinary Ambulatory Case Review is available for:

  1. Physicians
  2. Physician Assistants
  3. Advanced Practice Nurses

For more information, please contact Ellen Franks at 979-436-0420 or