Hospitalist Evaluation

Evaluation and Education Description

The Hospitalist Core Knowledge and Clinical Skills: Evaluation and Education is a one-day course offered by the KSTAR Program at the A&M Rural and Community Health Institute in College Station, TX.  Attendees will be actively engaged in a variety of activities aimed at determining their current readiness and abilities for doing inpatient hospital care.  Participants will  receive a written report describing their current level of knowledge and skills, and recommendations for ongoing professional development. 

The program specifically includes:

  • Hands-on management of several standardized hospital patients in a simulated hospital setting
  • Review real hospital cases with a colleague to practice your presentation skills and determine how those cases could have been better managed to achieve better outcomes
  • Testing on current pharmacology as it applies to inpatient care
  • Testing on Mechanisms of Disease or Hospital Care
  • ECG and Rhythm Strip Testing and Review

Target Audience
This course is designed for any practitioner whose professional focus is doing hospitalist care, including physicians (MDs, DOs), advanced practice nurse practitioners, and physician assistants.  The course is also intended for anyone who wants or needs their inpatient skills to be evaluated to make sure they can provide confident and competent hospital care. This course in not intended for practitioners who have already been found to have problems related to inpatient care.  In those cases, a more comprehensive assessment is needed, and KSTAR can provide this type of evaluation.  


  • Practice taking care of standardized patients in a simulated hospital environment.  You will also have an opportunity to discuss the cases and your management of them with a colleague when you are finished (core competencies:  clinical skills, communication skills)
  • Review, present, discuss, and critique real inpatient hospital cases that have gone through peer-review and have de-identified.   The goal is to try to find the problems found by reviewers of the case and recommend courses of action that could improve patient care and safety (core competencies:  medical knowledge, clinical skills, communication skills, systems-based care)
  • Complete a written, standardized test on pharmacology targeted for inpatient, hospitalist care.  The goal again is to see what you know well, and where there are opportunities for improving your medical knowledge pharmacology, and where you stand compared to others (core competencies:  medical knowledge and clinical skills)
  • Complete a written Mechanisms of Disease and/or Hospital Care test to assess your knowledge and understanding of disease processes and patient care
  • Assess your ability to interpret ECGs and Rhythm Strips with Subsequent Feedback

 *The KSTAR Program recommends completing a comprehensive review of Hospital Medicine after a prolonged interruption from doing inpatient care. 

Hospitalist Evaluation Application